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Moleculix Junior Lite Software


Moleculix Junior is new software for building small Molecular models interactively using a computer.

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Product Description

Moleculix Junior Lite Software

  • Interactively build small molecules using a computer
  • Learn the electronic valence structure of different atomic elements
  • Modify molecular geometry by interactively rotate structures about interatomic bonds
  • The application contains embedded help documents giving instructions on how to get started building molecules, and how to unlock your copy with a purchased product key

Download a trial

You can download a trial version of Moleculix Junior Lite by clicking on the Download Button below.

  • Install the program by clicking on the installer program that you downloaded and then follow the instructions on the screen.

The trial give you the same features as a paid version, but will stop working after 14 days. After the trial period, a purchased product key will be required. If you need to try longer than 14 days, please let us know.

The program is only available for the Microsoft Windows desktop at this time.

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