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Molecular Model Kit and Software


Bundle of Moleculix Build Standard molecular kit and Moleculix Junior Lite software application.

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Product Description

Molecular Model Kit and Software

  • Includes Moleculix Build, a kit consisting of durable plastic atoms and bonds for building and creating models of small molecules.
  • Includes Moleculix Junior Lite: Moleculix Junior Lite is a PC based software application that allows students to build, interact with , and visualize small molecules on a computer.
  • Includes a USB thumb drive with a Moleculix Junior Lite installer – no downloading necessary.
  • Includes a Quick Start Guide.
  • Includes a Personal Product Key for Moleculix Junior Lite – eligible for one year of free software updates as well as discounts for future editions of the software.

The Moleculix bundle includes a traditional ball and stick molecular modeling kit (Moleculix BUILD) as well as Moleculix Junior Lite – an intuitive and interactive software application that allows students to design, build and do 3D visualizations of small molecules.

The kit, includes 59 colored plastic atom parts, 62 bonds, a bond removal tool and a USB thumb drive preloaded with a Moleculix Junior Lite install program. In addition, a Quick Start Guide is part of the product as well.

The model set allows students to create molecules and learn key concepts of molecular geometry and the chemical nature of different atoms.

The atom and bond parts for the creation of molecular models are made from durable plastic. Atoms range from 17mm to 23mm in diameter and represent

  • Carbon (black)
  • Nitrogen (blue)
  • Oxygen (red)
  • Hydrogen (white)
  • Sulfur (yellow)
  • Halogens (Fluor, Chlorine, Bromine etc.) (green)

The kit contains 26 medium length bonds, 11 flexible long bonds, 26 short bonds, and one bond removal tool (for the short bonds).

The kit comes in a clear plastic box, with a lock mechanism, that stacks easily for storage.

Moleculix Junior Lite is a modern software application designed for students 12 years and up.

Moleculix Junior Lite is powered by Dune Scientific’s molecular modeling API.

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