"Moleculix is a fantastic education tool for students of all ages.."

Moleculix is a fantastic education tool for students of all ages from late elementary school to the university level. The kit comes with a small set of plastic balls representing among others carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen and various "bond" pieces of differing length -- enough to quickly build a wide variety of organic molecules.

The big differentiating factor between Moleculix and other similar molecule kits, however, is that Moleculix comes with a molecule modeling software, that is well documented and intuitive to use. Students can start by building molecules in the more standard way with plastic balls and sticks and then repeat the exercise with Moleculix Junior software. With the software, however, students are no longer limited to the small number of plastic atom balls and stick bonds, and far more complex molecules can be built.

Having worked as a professional scientist and educator for many years, I know how important it is for students to have good 3D visualization tools in order to gain a better understanding of the structure and behavior of molecules, and Moleculix does a great job in providing such a tool.


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Bundle Moleculix software with a molecular modeling kit

The Moleculix Junior software application is designed to mimick real world ball and stick models of a molecule. Using the software together with a real world kit will help you grasp fundamental concepts such as chirality, and bond geometry quickly.

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Sturdy Hardware

Moleculix Build Standard is a kit containing plastic balls and sticks designed to teach the origin of molecular geometry and molecular shapes. It is of premium quality and is designed to last.

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Moleculix Junior Lite Software

  • Learn the basics of Molecular Geometry
  • Modify Molecular Geometry interactively
  • Learn about bond hybridization and lone pair repulsion visually
  • Runs on the Microsoft Windows Desktop

Molecular Model Kit

  • Classic ball and stick model set of premium quality with 59 atoms and 62 bonds
  • The atoms and bonds are made from durable plastic.
  • The box has stackable grooves for ease of storage and a sturdy lock mechanism.

Molecular Model Kit and Software

  • Molecular Model Set
  • Includes Moleculix Junior Lite
  • Includes One USB Drive
  • Quick Start Guide to help you getting started with the Moleculix Junior software & kit

See the power of Moleculix in action!

Watch this video that demonstrate how to make water using Moleculix Junior Lite.


Make Science Fun!

The core of the Moleculix software was developed at Stockholm University, Sweden and at the University of Washington, Seattle USA. Scientific needs drove its evolution over many years.

Moleculix Junior, on the other hand, is an application using the advanced Moleculix software core but designed to be easy to use for younger students.